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10 May 2010 @ 08:24 pm
A bit of a head scratcher.  
Ladies, I have an important matter to discuss with you under the cut.

Is Gerard Butler hot?

I mean, I keep looking at him and trying to block out all the awful films he seems to have made in the last few months and pondering why he insists on being so bloody awful at accents and why he keeps on getting offered this kind of rubbish when I get distracted by his glorious stubbly face.

Is it me? Is something wrong with me? I'll admit I did not see that tripe with Jennifer Aniston (please correct me if it is not tripe because I will happily rent it)  and erm, well I've lost my chain of thought.

He's burly. That's in his favour.

Oh he's also a king.*

*of ancient Sparta. Ok. He's an actor playing the king of Sparta. Who is dead.  So not really a king but does he need to be? Is that what we're saying passes as Designer Stubble entries these days. I do not see any other princes or kings in the list....

...Wait. I had to say it. I forgot the Prince of Persia himself..

Erm, I should end this now.